It is 6 days post Thanksgiving Day and 31 days until 2017. It is as if the year has been like a mash-up of a roller coaster ride and and a playground slide on a downhill. Can you imagine? It is as if as you get older, each year passes more quickly than the previous. This is only a harmless observation with no theoretical background. ūüėČ Some goals have been achieved and some yet to. There has been a lot ¬†of highs and lows but more highs than lows. In all, I’ll say is been a good year. Do you agree? Aside Thanksgiving Day, or New Year’s Day and other “occasions”, do we sometimes reflect on what we are thankful for? However this year may have turned out for you, what are you thankful for?

I am thankful for a whole lot of things yet will just focus on two here for now. There are times when some things or even people become part of our lives that we forget to appreciate them. Time and time again, we just need to fall back and be thankful, especially when there hasn’t been any occasion to.

I am thankful for HEALTH. I am thankful for the wealth of health and vitality. In our daily activities and in the pursuance of our purpose and vision, we cannot be readily available without good health. For me, is not just enough to be able to eat good, healthy food and maintain a healthy,balanced lifestyle without also looking into your spiritual health. I am thankful for a healthy spirit,soul and body.That sense of peace and a fortified soul adds up to my wholeness as a person and I love it. I love it and I am thankful.

I am thankful for STRENGTH. Inner strength and physical strength;among these two, mainly inner strength. As much as strength occurs concurrently with health, I would still prefer to address it here as a single entity than as part of a unit.I thank GOD for His daily strength especially on days ¬†that I think I’ve had enough and I am so stressed out and worn out to even notice that I have been doing too much by myself without GOD. This year, there had been times when I will try to unnecessarily burden myself with so much that it begins to weigh me down and I get irritable at the slightest provocation. And then I know it is mainly because I am trying to do so much by myself at that time without FULLY involving GOD. Then and then, I find my inner strength in CHRIST. I am grateful for that.

So, what are you thankful for?

Maame Ansaah


It’s literally 92 days to the end of 2016 and the last day of September. The time is exactly 10:08 pm est(eastern time zone) and the goal is to pen some few things down now, before I retire to bed. Wanted to write now but I hadn’t thought of exactly what I intend writing on. But well…

So, a¬†nouvelle ann√©e approaches soon and the anticipation and excitement that comes with each fresh year cannot be described enough. The new year resolutions and plans with all those goals that ‘can’ only be achieved in a ‘new’ year. But should that be it? “Oh! This new year is gonna be better”. “I’m gonna do this and that and that”. “I will eat healthier and read my Bible regularly”. “I will get a new job”. “I will save more” .”I ¬†will … and ¬†blah, blah, blah”. Is that enough? Do we have to wait until a new year before we do what we want to do? Do we even start at all? And would just saying it bring all those goals and desires to reality? Have we planned to act on it ? Or this ‘new’ year is gonna turn into another ‘old year’ with not much done?

As much as there’s nothing wrong with being enthusiastic and expectant of the joy and goodies each new year brings, that shouldn’t be it. There’s more to life than just waiting for a new year to start or do something new. More to life than just talking ‘around’ goals and desires than actually working towards the actualization of these goals. There’s this out of the ordinary boost that sometimes comes with a new year which could make one think that he or she can conquer the world. Haha ūüôā And then suddenly that boost becomes as transient as a deflated balloon. Ok. As I reflect on this ‘trend’, some few things have become clearer to me with each passing year and these are some few tips to embrace as 2017 approaches.

  1. PRAY: Pray about your desires and goals and commit your plans to the Lord. Seek His views concerning the coming year. He knows the end from the beginning and His plans for you are definitely greater than what you are hatching for yourself.
  2. CHOOSE QUALITY:¬†Focus on quality, not quantity. Do not overwhelm yourself with too many goals. Rather, select the very necessary and achievable(that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dream nor pursue bigger goals) ones that are relevant to your now season in life. This is one of the reasons why seeking the LORD’s face first comes in place. This helps boost your self-esteem as well(after achieving these goals).
  3. WRITE THEM DOWN!: I cannot emphasize enough the importance of writing your goals down. Write them in a designated book and not on a paper or on the phone. This can serve as a record for all those goals you have achieved as well as be a yardstick to measure the progress of your goals.
  4. DISCIPLINE:Be disciplined! It takes discipline and it will take discipline(lots of this) to work towards the achievement of your goals. Without discipline, action cannot be taken nor be continued when things get tougher towards the finish line. No discipline, no action! No discipline, no resilience!
  5. BREATHE;REVIVE!: Enjoy the process of ‘getting there’. Surround yourself with like-minded people as well as those who have achieved what you want to attain. Be accountable to your goals and share them with a trusted friend, mentor, loved one or spouse. This will help you get on track. Smile ūüôā

Any thoughts or tips you can share? Let’s talk.

I hope this post was worth the read. Until next time…and oh! I did finish this post ¬†before September 2016 said goodbye. #happydance …yaaay!

Maame Ansaah

First blog post

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Hey lovelies! Welcome to my blog. Writing has and will always be a part of me, although there hasn’t been much consistency nor flow for quite sometime now. As an amateur writer, this blog is mainly to serve as a platform to express my thoughts, share my world and discover and learn more about writing as well as share ideas here. I’ve been writing a lot in my head than on a paper for a while now and my sometimes perfectionist personality has no ‘perfect’ time to write in my book. Sigh :-\

For now, I’m just gonna let the writing flow and let it span with various themes as it comes until I find my niche. One thing for sure is that there will be plenty posts on relationships, inspiration and lifestyle because I find these topics interesting. I’m gonna explore and enjoy the journey. Come on board with me and let’s have fun!

Welcome to my blog once again.

Maame Ansaah