Giant sparks of twitching red flames. Smiling victoriously and all poised for its expected conquer, that quirky smile of the almost defeated rope surprises this fire. This rope. Undeterred by the fact that is gonna burn but not get burnt, it fights fiercely with little gasps of fresh air; in and out, in and out. It started from a yarn. Was it?  No, it was from several fibers stranded together.A yarn, then twisted into a strand, then more strands. Then several strands together but mostly three at a time to form one long rope. This is nothing new to how most ropes are made but there was something different about this one.It’s fibers were thin strips of pure gold. Filaments of gold threads.

The fire breathed out more to engulf the gold rope. As the fire’s Fahrenheit accelerates to almost its apex, the rope’s tenacity matches up with the heat and majestically swirls around, vehemently fighting off the heat. Sweat beads drip, drip;  the fire churns more heat, and the fight continues. Will the rope survive the fire? Is getting hotter, and hotter and the sweating is making things a bit more uncomfortable for the gold rope. Is almost as if the fire is gonna reach Gold Rope’s melting point. “Swoosh, swoosh”,the fire sprinkler says. Suddenly, the firefighter has arrived. The fire is no more. The gold rope is intact; some few scars here and there, but nothing severe to show how close this fire was to getting the rope.

Could this gold rope be you or I? Life has a funny way of sometimes throwing a curve at us when we meant to head straight or probably left.Sigh.It may be the sudden turmoil of a storm to try our aching wings of hope or the sudden wave of fear of our dreams getting hijacked by disappointments, rejection and failures. But is that over? Like gold, how far can it take to be melted by the hot fiery storms of life? You may bend somehow but don’t you dare b-r-e-a-k! Press on! You see, our FIREFIGHTER refines us not as silver, but as gold in the furnace of our affliction and trials. We’ve got the gold resilience to overcome. We are overcomers of whatever hurdles we’ve got to cross, whichever detours that may pop up here and there and strong enough to withstand the inferno of life.

Even if it seems as if you’ve come to a temporary point of a standstill, keep moving to keep your balance in life! Look unto the Firefighter and don’t forget to strengthen your wings of hope. Keep moving and don’t you quit yet! Not now, not ever.

Be gold!

Be encouraged,

Maame Ansaah