It is 6 days post Thanksgiving Day and 31 days until 2017. It is as if the year has been like a mash-up of a roller coaster ride and and a playground slide on a downhill. Can you imagine? It is as if as you get older, each year passes more quickly than the previous. This is only a harmless observation with no theoretical background. 😉 Some goals have been achieved and some yet to. There has been a lot  of highs and lows but more highs than lows. In all, I’ll say is been a good year. Do you agree? Aside Thanksgiving Day, or New Year’s Day and other “occasions”, do we sometimes reflect on what we are thankful for? However this year may have turned out for you, what are you thankful for?

I am thankful for a whole lot of things yet will just focus on two here for now. There are times when some things or even people become part of our lives that we forget to appreciate them. Time and time again, we just need to fall back and be thankful, especially when there hasn’t been any occasion to.

I am thankful for HEALTH. I am thankful for the wealth of health and vitality. In our daily activities and in the pursuance of our purpose and vision, we cannot be readily available without good health. For me, is not just enough to be able to eat good, healthy food and maintain a healthy,balanced lifestyle without also looking into your spiritual health. I am thankful for a healthy spirit,soul and body.That sense of peace and a fortified soul adds up to my wholeness as a person and I love it. I love it and I am thankful.

I am thankful for STRENGTH. Inner strength and physical strength;among these two, mainly inner strength. As much as strength occurs concurrently with health, I would still prefer to address it here as a single entity than as part of a unit.I thank GOD for His daily strength especially on days  that I think I’ve had enough and I am so stressed out and worn out to even notice that I have been doing too much by myself without GOD. This year, there had been times when I will try to unnecessarily burden myself with so much that it begins to weigh me down and I get irritable at the slightest provocation. And then I know it is mainly because I am trying to do so much by myself at that time without FULLY involving GOD. Then and then, I find my inner strength in CHRIST. I am grateful for that.

So, what are you thankful for?

Maame Ansaah